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Realistic Cow Ears and Tail Set

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Materials: faux fur, wire, metal headband
No animals were injured

Realistic Cow Ears and Tail Set


The ears are:

- 3,5 inches cow ears shape

- removable velveteen white cow horns with fluffs

- fully wired and posable on the metal headband

- decorated with airbrushed cow pattern, rhinestone accents, hoops and removable bows with golden bells.


The matching tail:

- approximately 20 inches long

- made of top quality faux fur

- decorated with airbrushed cow pattern and removable bows with rhinestone accents and golden bell

- the tail is attaching by an elastic belt loop with a wide double-sided ribbon to go on the waist

- has a lobster clasp for attaching to clothes.


The set is made to order. The processing time is usually around 3 weeks, but can vary depending on the amount of orders.


If you have any questions or need additional pictures please feel free to send us a message 🐾


Please kindly note that each item is entirely hand crafted and therefore might have some slight differences in trimming and airbrushing.


Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for the set to be created.


Estimated shipping time:
Europe: 2-3 weeks
USA: 2-3 weeks
Canada: 3-4 weeks
Australia: 3-4 weeks

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