Catzo ears and tails begin their story in 2015 in the workshop of Emilia Kobayashi, Russian-Japanese costume designer. After a successful decade of working in the industry of theatre costumery, she once made a pair of fox ears and couldn't stop ever since. Her passion is both designing and hand-making unique and elegant accessories which expertly compliment an outfit, ensuring customers feel exquisite. Catzo ears and tails were designed to have the most natural and realistic look possible, by using the best artificial furs and mastered creation techniques.


The studio can be visited by appointment at Petropavlovskaya street, 4 , Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Our legal adress is Soldatsky per. 1/23, apt. 8, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tax ID: 784290156068

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All ears and tails are being made out of high density luxurious faux fur
Ears are being made with a unique seamless method with no visible seams
New ears are released every week and most of the designs can be made to order
Eco Friendly
We love animals and use only faux fur for our products
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