Is it real fur?

Can I order a custom?

Any tips on the release?







Everything that you can see in our shop is made of artificial furs. For our creations we use only the best and the fluffiest artificial furs that exist! This can mislead to thinking this is real fur, but no animals are ever harmed in the process. 


At the very moment unfortunately we cannot accept custom orders on a regular basis. Nevertheless, we do release up to 10 custom ears slots and 10 custom tail slots each month. These are being sold out very fast, so please follow our instagram for announcements.


We highly recommend being on the this website a minute or two before the release and refresh the page. Paypal with the auto-login feature is the quickest way to check out! For the announcements, please follow our instagram and turn on post notifications. We always put a countdown in stories before the release time.





Care instructions?

Do you do holds?

Returns and refunds?







All fur used for our products is artificial. It is a delicate material, and suffers from exposing to heat. Should it come into contact with water, we recommend drying it gently with a soft cloth or leave it dry by itself. After drying, delicately brush the fur with a plastic comb. Do not use hairdryers, irons, or any else heating devices for drying faux fur!
For items that have airbrushing on them, we advice to avoid prolonged exposure to intense sources of light, which could cause changes in color.
We are always at your disposal to offer further advice on how to care for the product correctly.


Holds on items are never available. Usually there are a lot of people who want one item at the same time, so it would be unfair to give an advantage in purchase to somebody in particular. 


We are positive that you will be in love with our products, but if for some reason you want to return them they should be shipped back before being refunded.

Products should be shipped in original packaging within 7 business days after delivery.

We cannot accept returns for discounted items and custom/personalized orders. 

In a rare event of an item being flawed, please contact us and we'll find the best way to resolve the issue.

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