Matching Tail
€ 98

Customizable tail to match your Catzo ears


The tail will be made fully according to all your preferences, and we'll do our best to match it in furs and design to your ears 


Please choose the length that you need for your tail:

4-15 inches — Bunny/Deer tails

15-20 inches — Lynx/Small Kitten and Fox tails

20-25 inches —  Kitten/Fox tails

25-30 inches —  Kitten/Fox tails

30-40 inches — Cat/Leopard tails


Please kindly note that this listing is either for tails that will match deluxe and OOAK Catzo ears, or for something that is not yet represented in our shop. For more or less simple designs you can purchase a standard tail with the color change and/or shape change add-on.

Please allow up to 8 weeks time for your tail to be created  🐾


Please kindly note that your request might need additional payments if the amount of work or decorations exceeds the estimated average for a custom tail (e.g. multiple tails, rare/vintage materials, lots of sewn in details)

Estimated shipping time:
Europe: 2-3 weeks
USA: 2-3 weeks
Canada: 3-4 weeks
Australia: 5-6 weeks

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