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BAKENEKO paws lace mittens
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Bakeneko Paws Lace Mittens

Will be shipped in branded gift box


Black lace mittens with cute pink kitten paws


If you want to be sure that the gloves you ordered will perfectly fit your hands, please measure your palm around the largest part of your hand over the knuckles, EXCLUDING thumb


How to measure:
Use your dominant hand. Brush open, fingers straighten, grasp the palm with a measuring tape in the area of the joints / ossicles, without the thumb, and lightly squeeze the hand. If you don’t have a special measuring tape – you can use a ribbon and then, measure it with a scale


The model in the photo of our mittens has S size – 18,5 cm palm measure. Mittens are made of stretching material, size S fits most


XS - palm circumference: 17.5-18.5cm (7''-7.5'' in)

S - palm circumference: 18.5-19.5cm (7.5''-7.8'' in)

M - palm circumference: 19.5-21.3cm (7.5''-8.5'' in)

L - palm circumference: 21.3-22.5cm (8.5''-9'' in)


Made to order!


Please allow up to 10-12 business days for the ears to be created


If you have any questions or need additional pictures please feel free to send us a message 🐾


Estimated shipping time:
Europe: 2-3 weeks
USA: 2-3 weeks
Canada: 3-4 weeks
Australia: 5-6 weeks

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